Doctors Ultimate Immune Formula For a Healthy Immune System

Explanation of product and ingredients:

Ultimate Immune is comprised of 12 unique all-natural products. These products have been use for treating viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus for ages.

For example, the main active ingredient in Ultimate Immune was used to eradicate the malaria outbreak of the 1970s.

Almost entirely unannounced to the general public, there was another outbreak of a coronavirus in 2016, and the active herb that killed it then, is also included in Ultimate Immune.

Additional Information

When it comes to protecting yourself from viruses of any kind, the silver bullet is a healthy immune system.

Think of your immune systems an army that’s specifically trained to kill anything harmful that enters our body. If your immune system is weak,your immune army is weak. It doesn't have any ammunition. Which means… it can’t put up a good fight. If you have a strong immune system, it acts like a shield, immediately attacking and killing any foreign threats that enter our body. That’s what our immune system is for.

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Weight 6.25 oz
Dimensions 5.50 × 8.75 × 1.75 in

In May of 2020, I tested positive for Covid-19.

It started with very strong headaches that would not go away, shortness of breath, and body aches throughout my hips and back.

I went to see Dr. Arnett who suggested taking his Ultimate Immune Formula (2 capsules twice per day).

4 days later my symptoms were gone.

I rested another few more days, got re-tested, and was negative for COVID.

I highly recommend Dr. Arnette’s Ultimate Immune


Janet Hernandez

I was living with my sister all through the cover lock downs, and she is a nurse who worked on a Covid floor.

She was around Covid patient servery day, but we were both taking Dr. Arnett’s Ultimate Immune formula, and neither of us ever contacted covid. I believe 100% that the Ultimate Immune did exactly what is says “Boosted Our Immune System”

Thanks Doc


Jim Moore

Several months ago, many members of my household began showing symptoms and tested positive forCovid-19. As to be expected with so many cases in the house I ended up testing positive myself. My symptoms were mild with occasional shortness of breath and temperature staying around 99 degrees. My most significant symptom was a horrible headache i had every day about every hour.

Upon a visit with Dr. Arnett I had been introduced to his product called Ultimate immune. After a couple days of taking the Ultimate immune, I began to notice that my headaches began to feel much better and what minor shortness of breath was gone. I would say it was on the 5th day of taking Ultimate immune that the headaches were virtually gone. After about a week and half I went to get retested for Covid-19 so that I could return to work I was surprised to see that I had tested negative and was able to return to work again. I continued using the Ultimate Immune a couple weeks after getting retested just to be safe but I felt great afterwards and was happy to be able to continue working again.


Yuri Reynard

My Mother also got COVID-19in Love 2020. She is 54 years old, and the symptoms for her were severe. She had body aches, headache, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, coughing,and fatigue. She began taking Ultimate Immune, she spent the first 2 days in bed, and by the third day, I noticed she was feeling better. She was out of bed,had a better mood, and her body aches were gone. By the 5th day, she was a lot better. On the 6th day, all her symptoms were gone. She felt so good that she was going outside, doing her gardening, and back to normal.

I highly recommend Dr. Arnette’s Ultimate Immune Product – Me and my Mom, call it the Covid Killer.


Jessica Miler

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